Friday, March 17, 2006

Lucinda Williams and Doug Pettibone: The Pageant, March 15, 2006

Have you ever looked at, I mean really looked at the way So Taguchi fills out a uniform? The media guide's got him at 163 but tie me up with duct tape and tickle me silly if he's an ounce over 157.

Can a man be wiry and pumped at the same time? Can a person be in two places at once? If a song is played in Lafayette, can you hear it in Lake Charles?

You could bounce a quarter off his ass.

If I were a meat eater, I'd spread Lucinda Williams on a cracker.

But I'm not, so I don't.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ghostface Killah @ Pop's, March 8, Year of the Wu

Last night I studied tape from the Dominican/Venezuela WBC game. Not! Rather, I hung on the east side with Pretty Toney, aka Toney Starks, aka Ghostface Killah. After six openers – one of which lip-synched their way out of any credibility they may have started with – Ghost emerged. He once performed behind a ski mask, but last night he had a hat which appeared to be made of bunny fur. (Not something I condone.)

Everyone formed 'W's with their hands, in honor of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ghost's crew. Another Wu-Tanger, Old Dirty Bastard, is dead, and a touching, if predictable cover of "I Like It Raw" followed. Then "Back Like That," off Fishscale, Ghost’s new album, due in stores March 28, a song about love and payback that just may get Ghost the mainstream attention he deserves.

Then, women from the crowd came onstage to shake their cans. Some were African-American, others were Caucasian, and there may have been a Latina. (Sadly, no Japanese.) Ghost did not dance with them, but instead left that task to his posse, or, as Byron Crawford would call them, his weed carriers.

All in all, a very tasteful show. Little, to no shoving. Averaged price beer. Short line for the can.