Thursday, December 08, 2005

U2, Wednesday, November 9, Oakland, California, Oakland Arena.

I'm a little worried about tonight. Larry Mullen looks to have a bad ankle. Without a steady ankle, rocking the kick-drum over the course of a 22-song set can wear Mullen down. A bum ankle on the drummer means more work for bassist Adam Clayton, who has to pick up the slack. On a song like "(Pride) In the Name of Love," bass drives Bono to take it higher. You need bass. The kicker? Clayton cut his thumb yesterday — drunken car-door slam — so he's going to have a hard time pounding the B-note. What's "Pride" without a heavy B? How does this affect Bono? What about the Edge?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tony - fuck you and fuck U2.

-ray king

9:36 AM

Anonymous Azteca said...

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8:58 AM


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