Thursday, December 08, 2005

Paul McCartney, Monday, November 7, San Jose, California, HP Pavilion

Unlike those surrounding me at concerts who lose themselves completely, I remain Tony LaRussa during a kickass concert. I may nod my head or tap my foot, but I don't dance. I can't afford to. Sure, I've studied McCartney. I've got his Portland setlist memorized. I know that he jammed "Blackbird," and that he's done that song nine times in the past twelve shows. But he didn't play it at Anaheim earlier in the week. What does this mean? If I start dancing, I might miss some subtle cue that will hint at the future direction of the concert. Plus, it's not just about tonight. It's the whole week of rock. If I blow my wad tonight, what shape am I going to be in for Tull?


Anonymous Bill DeWitt said...

Ringo was my favorite Beetle.

9:33 AM

Anonymous mikeshannon said...

bruce sutter was the spittng image of paul mccartney when mccartney grew his beard out. you could say that sutter was the mccartney of the 82 cards team.

9:44 AM


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